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House Portrait
A watercolour demonstration in six steps
The paper used is Moulin du Coq 325 gsm fine grain watercolor paper
The paints are Winsor and Newton Artist Quality tubes - French Ultramarine, Burnt Sienna, Yellow Ochre, Permanent Rose and Winsor Green (Yellow Shade)
I was sent several photographs and chose this view for the painting, as this angle captured the whole house and included some background trees and the gate on the left to add interest.

STEP ONE - The drawing

Watercolour painting demonstration of a house portrait - Step 1

Here is the finished drawing. I worked from the photograph above, referring to the other photos, in order to extend the house at each end. I left out the gatepost to the left of the front door.

 STEP TWO - Painting the sky

Watercolour painting demonstration of a house portrait - Step 2 

I washed over the sky with French Ultramarine leaving blank paper for the clouds. I softened some of the cloud edges with a dampened brush. Mixing a pale grey from Ultramarine and Burnt Sienna, I added some shadow to the clouds.

I then washed over the stonework with pale Yellow Ochre with a touch of Permanent Rose to tone down the yellow. Into the wet paint I ran some brown and blue/grey mixtures of Burnt Sienna and Ultramarine.

STEP THREE - Blocking in the colours

Watercolour painting demonstration of a house portrait - Step 3

In this stage most of the basic areas of the painting were blocked in. For the roof I used  brown mixtures of Burnt Sienna and Ultramarine dropping in some of the blue/grey used in the previous stage. The door is Permanent Rose toned down with brown.The trees and plants were blocked in with Winsor Green mixed with Yellow Ochre. I was careful to paint round the flowers of the Horse Chestnut. I began to paint in the darker shadows to try to define the shape of the clematis, taking care to leave white paper for the flower clusters.

The driveway and road are washed in brokenly with pale brown, blue/grey, some pale Yellow Ochre and some pale areas of Permanent Rose.

STEP FOUR - Adding detail

Watercolour painting demonstration of a house portrait - Step 4

The windows are filled in with dark mixtures of Ultramarine and Burnt Sienna. The guttering and pipes are an even darker mixture of these two.The door is darkened, carefully leaving pale lines to define the panels. The roof and the stonework are worked on more to suggest stones and tiles. I added some green to the roof this time to give it a more weathered look. Some darker green is added to the foliage. The painting is beginning to take shape.

STEP FIVE - The darker areas

Watercolour painting demonstration of a house portrait - Step 5

Using darker mixtures of Green/Ochre and Green/Burnt Sienna the background trees and foreground bed are nearly finished. The windows and door and darkened. The same dark mixture used for the windows is painted under the eaves, on the letter-flap and on the chimney. A few lines are added on the roof. The clematis is given a lot more shadow, more greenery and a few branches. A touch of pink is added to the flowers. The driveway has more broken washes. We're nearly there.

STEP SIX - The final touches

Watercolour painting demonstration of a house portrait - Step 6

In this, the final stage, the shadows are carefully painted in with a more diluted mixture of Burnt Sienna and Ultramarine - under the roof, the right side of the chimney and the dormer roof. This helps the painting come to life and gives shape to the house. The clematis is given more shadow and definition. The Horse Chestnut is darkened to help bring out the white of its flowers. Shadows are added to the pots and at the bottom of the plants below the clematis.

We are left with a nice sunny watercolour of an attractive stone house with its surrounding trees and plants.  That clematis was NOT easy.

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